Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday

Whew, what a week! Justin and I have had a ton going on this month between my birthday and my mother-in-law's birthday AND wedding! Lets get right down to it!

My MIL got married on Sunday. The ceremony was super fast and the same officiant that married Justin and I, also married her! It was such a good time. I loved spending time with my parents and all of my in-laws!

Justin's birthday is next week! We are having a celebration this weekend with some friends. The party is 90's themed so there will be Mario Kart, cootie catchers, and kool-aid. It's been fun looking through all of the things that I grew up with and bringing them back! 

Speaking of next week.. it is about to be October. Wait, what?! Halloween in a month?! Our friends have an annual Halloween blow out party and costumes are mandatory. Last year Justin and I totally hit it out of the park and we are struggling this year with ideas. Send help!
In case you didn't believe me. Here is a throwback from October 2015. 

Okay so hang in there with me for this short story. I go to the gym every evening after work. I rarely skip the gym and I usually start on the treadmill while Justin plays some basketball. I had just got on the mill -- I was 11 minutes in and a guy started walking towards me smiling. First thought? He is going to ask me on a date. So I immediately looked down at my phone and turned up my music. He came right up to me and said "can I ask you a question?" Still smiling at me, I said sure. He then proceeded to ask if I had a boyfriend was upstairs. Here we go. So I told him no, not a boyfriend and showed him my shiny ring. His demeanor totally changed and answered "Okay fine, your husband. He got hurt upstairs." Not what you expected, right? Me either. Poor Justin fell on another guy during an intense basketball game. Not only did I feel so arrogant, Justin sprained his ankle and is now in a walking boot.

Wrapping this up on a positive note. For those of you J.Crew lovers, listen up! Their flannel popovers are back and just as comfortable as ever! I bought the red/navy plaid and love it!

Happy Friyay!


  1. Love your MIL's dress- so pretty! And your fall outfit- amaze!

  2. Aaw, I can see how you misinterpreted that man's question. I might have thought the same thing, with the way he worded it.

  3. Ha, ha! Giggling a bit over your story - the misunderstanding part, of course, not the injury! Wishing your Hubby a speedy recovery!


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