Friday, October 7, 2016

Five on Friday

Still on the topic of the hubster.. I plan on baking him a cake this weekend for his birthday (it's a week long celebration in our household). Last year I followed a little tutorial from Christina. It worked out perfectly and Justin was all googly eyes over it. It also tasted pretty amazing. The year before I baked him a mustache cake. This year I am a tad bit stumped. He absolutely loves chocolate, so I have an idea of what I think he'd like :) I also could do something like a donut cake, which would probably be more for me than him. Ha!

& just for fun, below is the cake I baked myself for my birthday last year. 
Last week I mentioned that Justin sprained his ankle at this gym. Turns out he really did some damage. He fully tore and partially tore two ligaments. He is in a walking boot for 2-3 more weeks and then on light activity until about December. We had a trip planned to Charleston next weekend, but decided to cancel due to any left over impacts of Hurricane Matthew + Justin's inability to walk around and go to the beach. We plan to wait until sometime next Spring. 

Although it has just been starting to feel like fall this week, I am already thinking about the holidays. Growing up, my family used to receive holiday cards with pretty families on perfect cards and I would always ask my mom "why can't we be one of those families?" I would get the "it's too much work and they just get thrown away" response. I told her "when I grow up, I will be one of those families." So is it any surprise that I started the yearly card tradition last Christmas?! I guess I am officially a grown up..

We already have our outfits planned out and a date on the calendar for photos. It just so happens our photos are happening next week. We are pretty sure a Christmas tree farm will make the perfect backdrop!

Speaking of the holidays, I am SO excited for the cold weather to come. I love the fall/winter time. Most likely because during the summer, going outside = lots of sunscreen. Our house is usually kept in the low 60's which means blankets + jammies + slippers all.the.time. As the cool weather hits I am realizing that I really need to up my jammie game. I have my eyes on  these..

Yesterday I bought some baby's breath on my lunch break (partially for a post coming next week) but it is such a nice addition to have fresh flowers in my work space. Everyone needs to go #treatyoself!

  That's all I've got folks! Until next week!


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