Friday, October 21, 2016

Five on Friday

Last week I mentioned that Justin and I would be going to see the Blue Angels fly at Fleet Week in Baltimore. It was my first air show and everything was so well done. I was so impressed by every act. We originally were going to hang out at the dock where my MIL keeps her boat, but when we got there a family friend told us to hop on their boat to get closer to where the planes would be doing all their acts.

During my college years I was living in Canton and looking to make some extra money since I was interning across the harbor. So I ended cleaning the boat we took out on Sunday. I was like their part time maid. Ha! 

The boat I used to be a maid on. She's a big girl.
 Above photo I took, below photo a family friend took. SO COOL.

We carpooled with some family to go to the air show Sunday and upon getting back to their house, I realized I had left my keys and wallet on the boat. I had also forgotten my phone that morning at the house. We ended up borrowing their car to drive back down to the city and by that time, I was not cooking dinner.

We got PF Changs carry out and then I made some chocolate chip cookies. #allthehearteyes. For some reason this weather gets me craving to bake!

Yum they were good!

I have some friends coming over tonight for dinner and we have bacon guacamole goat cheeseburgers on the docket for dinner. Goat cheese and guac always sounded like such a weird combo until I put it together. Try it! Bacon is just an over the top add on. I also use King's Hawaiian buns which are a little sweet. It ties it all together.
Homemade guac is probably my favoritist thing everrrrr.

My brother has been in town now for a couple months because he just graduated from his doctorate program and is about to start a job in Knoxville. He moved back to my parents since it didn't make sense to rent for three months. This will be the last weekend with him around and we are going to spend the entire weekend at my parent's house. It's such a treat having him around.

Family trip to a corn maze is in the plans!

Am I the only one that gets excited over appliances?! We recently had a scare -- I left for work one morning and put a load of laundry in the dryer. When I got home from work 11 hours later, the dryer was still running. It never shut off. We are so thankful that we did not have a fire and are now in the market. Never thought I would say I am swoon over a dryer...

Have a great weekend! I'll be back next week, as always!


  1. Love your five! I get SO excited about new appliances, too! We recently got a new dishwasher and fridge. I smile each time I open the fridge :). Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Air shows are so fun! I've seen the Blue Angels once or twice and they are amazing. And wow, what a beautiful boat!! I am actually heading out for Baltimore tomorrow morning! We are staying until Wednesday. Our hotel is in Fell's Point, but we want to do lots of sightseeing. Anything you'd put on a must-see list?

  3. Laura -- That's so awesome you are heading to Baltimore! I am such a foodie and whenever I travel that's my go to, so I am going to give you some food recs! I am sure you know of the classic Baltimore sights like the National Aquarium or the Baltimore Zoo! Going to Harbor East is also nice because there is some shopping and it's a nice area. Since you are in fells point, I will say Barcocina is a great spot for drinks and apps! Berthas Mussels is another hot spot. If you are up for traveling to another "neighborhood," I would highly recommend Mamas on the Half Shell and Nacho Mamas in Canton! If you like sushi, Shiso Tavern is my FAVORITE! Have so much fun!!

  4. Melissa -- I'm glad you share my excitement for appliances!


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