Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nostalgia: 90's Birthday Party

Today is my hubby's birthday and it's a day I absolutely love to celebrate! He is by far the most genuine human ever and it's so cliche but he truly is my BFF. 
This will be our 6th birthday celebration together and reflecting over the past six years brings me all the heart eyes. He is goofy and fun. Honest and fair. Motivated and driven. Happy. He is the happiest person ever. 
He also LOVES dessert.
& one more, just for good measure.

Onto the meat of this post...

On Saturday, I hosted a 90's party for Justin's birthday! We decided not to make it a dress up party, since Halloween is so close and there will be plenty of dressing up later in the month. Instead, we brought back some of our favorite childhood items. 

The night went so quick and I was having so much fun that I totally forgot to snap any pictures with anyone! I did get some pictures of some of the nostalgic items and some food that we grew up loving. 

Mario Kart competitions and Super Smash Brothers games were in full swing.

Cootie Catchers games were played.

  For dessert we had gushers, fruit by the foot, and fruit roll ups. Pure sugar.
We played M.A.S.H with everyone. I ended up marrying Justin's childhood best friend, living in Boca Raton, Florida with 13 kids and a dog. Driving a Ford Escape and working as a teacher. 
 Everyone got a turn in the inflatable chair. 
 & Lite Brite. How can you forget Lite Brite?! The new versions of all of these items are far less exciting. 

I'll be back on Thursday recapping my bridal shower. A little throwback Thursday if you will. I hope you will follow along for that!

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