Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our Wedding: Random Details

I have a bunch of random pictures on my phone that I just need to document. So I figured I would just jumble them up in one post and call it a day.

-Asking Our Bridal Parting-

I asked my bridesmaids in little boxes with the Kate Spade knot bracelet. Each box had a tag that said "I can't tie the knot without you.. will you be my bridesmaid?" Justin sent each groomsmen a mini bottle of their favorite liquor, a poker chip, and a sleeve of golf balls. The top of the box asked each guy to be Justin's groomsmen. 
I gave each bridesmaid a hanger for their robe/dress the day of.

-Our Save the Dates-

-The Morning Of-

Right before I left the hotel to get ready at the venue, I left Justin a card, his day of socks, and a book of my boudoir photos. 

Then I raced over to Stabucks. 

-Our Honeymoon-
I don't own any camera besides my phone at this point, so I don't have very many photos to share. We took a cruise out of Puerto Rico to Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, & St. Maarten. Justin likes to be doing things 100% of the time on vacations, so an all inclusive resort with lots of relaxation would not be his thing (or mine for that matter). 

We had to the leave the morning after the wedding at 4:30AM (yes, totally our choice and I wouldn't have done it any other way). Our plane ride there we had to indulge to feel a little better..

Antigua above & St. Lucia below.

We did multiple excursions throughout the cruise. We went on a bus tour of Barbados, swam with sting rays in Antigua, and took a catamaran cruise in St. Maarten. We really loved being able to see so many islands + we were on the Marriage Game Show on the cruise ship and it was so.much.fun. 

That clears up all the random wedding details before sharing the wedding photos on Thursday!

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