Tuesday, November 15, 2016

California: Part 1

This is one of those selfish posts that will allow me to remember this trip and have a little place to go back to and reminisce. 

Justin and I went to California for our one year anniversary. He happened to have a work trip to CA the week of our anniversary so we took advantage of this and I flew out towards the end of his work obligations. 

We started a little south of Los Angeles, at Terranea Resort. From the balcony of our room we could see Catalina Island and it was absolutely gorgeous. I got to the resort around 6:00PM on May 4th (Wednesday) and wasn't quite feeling jet lagged. Justin showed me around the resort and then we went to the closing party of his work trip. It got to be 12AM and the jet lag was hitting me. I slept the next day until 1:00PM.

Justin finished up all his work stuff around 2:30PM and we went into LA. We went to The Broad Museum, Rodeo Drive, drove around some neighborhoods, then went to Venice Beach.

One piece of advice on Venice Beach. Just Don't. 

View From Our Room

Leaving the Resort for The Broad

The Broad Balloon Animal

Venice Beach Palm Trees
Venice Beach
Our Dinner View at Terranea (I think there are normally tables under the lights?)

We stayed the night at Terranea and hit the ground running the next morning. We went to Hollywood Blvd, got donuts, and hiked the Hollywood Sign. We were up pretty early because we were driving from LA to Monterrey (about 6 hours).

We hit up In-N-Out Burger on our way outta town.

We drove on the main highway for a period of time before hopping on the PCH for the rest of the way. The PCH was absolutely incredible and I am pretty sure we were the ONLY ones not in a Mustang Convertible. 

We arrived in Monterrey Bay around 6ish on Friday evening. We were both starved and immediately went to dinner. We hadn't looked up places to eat when planning the trip and said we were just going to wing it. I don't recommend doing that. We were so indecisive and finally just picked on Trip Advisor. We ended up at Schooners Coastal Kitchen & Bar, which was really delish. 

The next morning we hit the ground running yet again and did 17 Mile Drive then headed to San Francisco/Napa Valley. San Francisco/Napa really deserves its own post, but we could not believe the views at 17 Mile Drive. We were in awe. 

The Lone Cypress! 

Part II (San Fran/Napa) will be up on Thursday and if you are interested then I hope you visit, but if not then I will be back on Friday with fun stuff!

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