Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Favorite Pieces of My Home

Decorating my home has been and continues to be one of my favorite things. Justin and I love to host, especially dinners and happy hours. We have made tweaks to our home here and there and plan to continue to do so. We live in an older house that has charm and also some quirks. As we continue to update our home here and there, you'll see some of that quirkiness of owning an old home come out. 

Let's begin!

-Our Entryways-
While decorating our home, I wanted our entryways to be warm and welcoming. We use the door on the side of our home the most because it is easily accessible from the driveway. The wood wall is the first thing you see when you walk through the door, you can then go downstairs into the basement or upstairs into the kitchen. I have this thing for wreaths and you can find them all over our home. 

Our front door entryway has the board and batten wall with hooks. I decorate the little shelf seasonally but have not been able to let go of the honeybee print for any season so far!

-Our Bedroom-
Our bedroom is nothing grand. In fact, it's a pretty small room. I love our furniture and neutral color palette though. I have minimal decor so the area doesn't feel too cluttered. 

-Our Bar Cart-
We appreciate a good drink and want our guests to feel welcome to make their own concoction and have options to do so. We have a separate wine cooler and liquor cabinet, but display the essentials.

-Our Kitchen Nook-

-Our Guest Rooms-
Having guest rooms was one of the first things we made sure to have in the house. We frequently have parties and want people to have a comfortable place to stay if they need and want to. 

This guest room was the same furniture and decor we used in our tiny apartment in the city. It's not my favorite because it's more modern and less cozy, but it's the first room to be transformed when we start a family.

-Our Basement Space-
Justin is a huge Dolphins fan (pity him). Although our basement isn't exactly a "man cave," I wanted him to have a touch of the Dolphins and I think I was able to pull of just that!

That's a wrap on all of my favorites of our little home. We have some great projects planned and I'll definitely be sharing the details as we take the projects on!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Everything looks so nice and put together! Those built-ins in your basement are perfect!!


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