Friday, November 18, 2016

Five on Friday

On the topic of moisturizers. I asked for some suggestions recently and got some really great answers! The only thing I forgot to mention is that my skin is typically quite oily! I did some research and Clinique moisturizing gel seemed to be the best answer. I have been using it just about a week now and love it. It doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or oily. It seems to just lock in the moisture and make my skin silky smooth. 
While I was cleaning last week, I opened my bathroom linen closet and realized that having it organized was so refreshing. It's the only closet in my home that is organized so I think the other closets will be getting a makeover soon..

Enough bathroom talk! The holiday season has arrived everywhere. I have been putting together some gift guides for the blog and been shopping for my family here and there. I am really hoping to buy some things this weekend and I also plan to get the decor bins up from this basement.

I normally decorate on Black Friday and the weekend after, but I am starting early this year. I am way too far into the holiday spirit.
Last weekend we had made absolutely no plans, until Friday afternoon (normally we have a plan a solid week in advance or even longer). I was running at the gym Saturday when suddenly I felt like I needed to cancel the plans we had just made the day before. 

It hit me that I actually missed Justin. I looked in my planner and realized that we had not gone on a date or had a weekend alone since August 8th. Our friends are the best and totally understood. We got sushi Saturday and made breakfast Sunday morning together. It was exactly what we needed!
Back to moisturizers. The hand soap at my office is so harsh and absolutely tears up my hands. Not to mention it's also a brisk 65° in the place. My hands are so dry 100% of the day. I bought some standard hand cream from Wegmans but I wanted to see if any of you all hand some cream you swear by?! Help!
Early next week I have some really great and easy recipes for Thanksgiving! So come back and visit! & happy Friday!

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  1. Definitely try the Soap & Glory Hand Food lotion! It's the only thing that gets me through the dry office winter. It goes on sale at Ulta pretty frequently!


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