Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Goals

Happy November everyone! Starting off the month fresh with new goals! I am so excited the holiday season is approaching, as it is my favorite time of year! Last month I was able to reach all my goals! I hope to be able to do the same this month. 

November Goals:
  • Clean Out Closets & Donate to Goodwill
  • Organize Utility Area in Basement
  • Make a New Sunday Dinner Recipe - Justin and I got into the habit of making a new recipe on Sundays, but with our busy schedules we haven't been home as much for Sunday dinners. Definitely need to start this one back up!
  • Test Green Bean Casserole Recipe - We are making a double recipe for our Thanksgiving this year with both sides of the family attending!
  • Finalize Christmas List - We take Christmas very seriously in our family.
  • Order & Package Holiday Cards - I like to have them out by the first or second week of December, so packaging them up early makes this way easier.
  • Buy 25% of Christmas Gifts - Justin has a lot of family, so buying a fourth of the gifts is a huge accomplishment!
  • Lose 3 Pounds - I am setting my expectations low with Thanksgiving being this month, but I think this one is attainable!
October Goals:
  • Stop Snacking Before and After Dinner - I have gotten SO much better about this during the week. The weekends need some improvement.
  • Lose 2 Pounds - Woohoo! I lost exactly two pounds since this goal was made. 
  • Switch My Gym "Off" Days to Saturdays - I have been able to do this, but of course sometimes life will get in the way. 
  • Come in Under My Personal Budget by $100 - I came in $116 under my personal budget. 
  • Clean the House - This one was a gimme. 

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