Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 & 2015 Christmas Cards

2016 Christmas Card
I am so excited to share our Christmas card! We didn't do a holiday photo shoot this year because we felt like between engagement photos in 2014 and wedding photos in 2015, we would be set until next year. We had my brother take some photos in my parent's backyard for us and he is super talented!

We had a couple other runner ups that just didn't fit right in the card designs that I liked. 

Just for fun, here is a look at 2015. Both photos really don't capture the clarity or true photo of the colors. The first one looks washed out while the second one looks dark. I loved the gold foil stamping too. 

2015 Christmas Card

I am so excited to see how the cards will change over the years and I love the idea of displaying five cards at a time in our home (once we have some years under our belt!). 

 photo linkupgraphic_zpsb5zwlsoa.jpg


  1. So cute! I also love the idea of displaying our cards from years past. Such sweet memories.

  2. I love your Christmas cards from both years! I love your plaid shirt in this year's card - so festive! That gold foil from last year's card is beautiful!


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