Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Goals

Can't lie guys, November was not the best "goal" month for me. Things were busy and yet we really didn't have any plans on weekends. I cleaned out some stuff in the closets, but still have some work to do and I packaged up about half the holiday cards. I also don't think I lost a single pound this month #whoops.

Let's focus on the positive here though folks! We donated a bunch of stuff to goodwill, our green bean casserole was amazing, and we have bought almost half the Christmas gifts we plan to buy! We also made a new recipe and it was so good! We want to tweak it some more before sharing. 

December is going to be such a fun, jam packed, productive, and bittersweet month. It's our last month before Justin's work ramps up and he will be working very long hours. We have a little NYC weekend planned and possibly a snowboarding trip planned though. 

December Goals:
  • Put the Final Touches on Christmas Decor - Woohoo!
  • Finish Christmas Cards & Mail Them - I am so close! Finding a moment to just sit and put stickers on them somehow seems impossible.
  • Finish Christmas Shopping - We are on our A game this year. We have a spreadsheet and have been so organized. When you have 14 people + 3 secret santa exchanges to buy for, you have to have be organized. Other years I have felt so frazzled. Not this year people!
  • Clean Out and Reorganize Guest Room Closets - I will be off work for the entire week after Christmas. No excuses!
  • Buy/Put Together Final Secret Santa Gift - Ideas please!
  • Finish Fall Yard Cleaning - I swear, it's either a wind storm, raining, or we have plans all weekend. Our yard still has leaves in it!
November Goals:
  • Clean Out Closets & Donate to Goodwill
  • Organize Utility Area in Basement
  • Make a New Sunday Dinner Recipe
  • Test Green Bean Casserole Recipe
  • Finalize Christmas List
  • Buy 25% of Christmas Gifts
  • Lose 3 Pounds

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