Friday, December 16, 2016

Five on Friday

I lied. It's only four on Friday today. Things have been so crazy lately. Work has been super busy and I am trying to finish up everything before I take a week and a half off for the holidays.  

A couple Sundays ago we went to the Dolphins vs. Ravens game. Besides the fact that I wasn't feeling too great and they lost miserably, we had fun just being there. It's so interesting going to a game in your hometown but rooting for the opposing team.

We got two different experiences: People that wanted to take a picture of us (not exaggerating, at least 30 people asked to take a picture of us because of my fin hat and Justin's mask). And people that were rude and down right mean. Meanwhile we are in our hometown and these are the people we are supposed to be coming together with in our community. 

Not cool. That's a reason why I sometimes don't like sports. Rivalry is fun, but being rude to people and making crude remarks towards someone is not so fun. 

Rant over. 

We went to a holiday party for Justin's work on Wednesday and there is always a gift exchange. Last year we brought a "margarita in a basket." This year we did something very similar with a Moscow mule gift box. It was definitely a hit!

The party was a lot of fun and we went home with a poker chip set. Thursday morning wasn't so pretty though. We got home around 12:00AM and woof.. not used to staying out that late on a week night! 
Justin and I went back and forth about whether or not to go to NYC this weekend. We try to go up every year around this time. Last year we made the decision totally spur of the moment and ended up feeling like we needed to do a better job of planning.

This year I have a whole agenda and everything planned out, but there is a 100% chance of rain both Saturday and Sunday. So we switched weekends and are going to stay home this weekend. We still have Christmas shopping to do and I definitely need to get that done!
Last night I totally skipped the gym and went to Five Guys. When it rains it pours right?! It was so amazingly delicious. I haven't had a Five Guys burger in at least a year and it never disappoints! Totally worth it!

Happy Friday!

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