Friday, January 27, 2017

Five on Friday

I have three things in life that I typically cannot stand. They are: reading books, museums, and salads. In college, I never read a single book for any class that I took (sorry dad). I went to every single class and diligently took notes and that seemed to be more than enough. And it's not like I don't like vegetables either. I love veggies and fruit. 

I enjoy reading blogs, I liked the Broad Museum in LA, and I love the strawberry poppyseed and chicken salad at Panera, but I think those may be one offs. 

So when I found a book on Amazon, read the first 10 pages on the "preview" feature, and was 100% hooked, I bought it immediately. 

To top it all off, I went to Panera and bought myself a cobb salad which is almost impossible not to like. Bacon, hard boiled eggs, and avocado? Sign me up!

I started reading Bringing Up Bébé (I am not pregnant) and absolutely adore it. I actually feel calm and relaxed reading and the book has given me so much insight on how I want to eventually parent!

Last Friday Justin and I cut the gym short and went to happy hour which quickly turned into Irish car bombs at home and eating an entire bag of carrot chips and hummus for dinner. Better than pizza, right? Ditching our normal Friday routine was much needed.

During one of my daily trips to Wegmans this week I noticed these adorable cookies that I feel like have to be Valentine's Day cookies. I am jumping for joy to see Valentine's stuff out because that means filing day for my hubs is closer and that also means our six year dativersary is around the corner (!!!!!).
While designing our kitchen, I had plenty of pinterest inspiration pictures, but there was one that really hit home. 
I loved the backsplash to the ceiling and decided to replicate it and I am now trying to decide on the wreath. 

Part of me really likes the simplicity of the backsplash, but this kitchen needs some pops of colors! Votes? 
This weekend I have one plan and that's relaxation. That includes a pedicure + Sunday lunch with my sister. I haven't gotten a pedi since her birthday last February which I find shocking myself. I also have some champagne that I really think needs to be opened...

Happy Friday friends!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday

Since our kitchen has been done, I have been trying to figure out how I want to "style" the room. I want to keep decor to a minimum and so far I have just enjoyed having a place for my mixer finally!

The fresh flowers also help!

During Justin's "busy season" I end up skipping the gym a lot more and hanging with coworkers after work. My rigid schedule goes out the window sometimes after a long day at work and these nights are so much fun! The mornings aren't the most fun though ;)

This was taken last year. A lot of changes at work have happened, but I hope to have many more evenings like this one!

We did brunch on Saturday morning and Brunch is seriously my favorite meal ever created. Sausage gravy biscuits and french toast was on the menu. The sausage gravy is to die for and it's seriously the easiest recipe. 

It consists of:
  • Hot Jimmy Dean Sausage
  • Flour
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Whole Milk
All you do is brown the sausage and add in some red pepper flakes. Add flour to completely coat the sausage. Add milk and let thicken. BAM. Sausage gravy and of course pillsbury biscuits. 

I want to put together a gallery wall in our family room and this picture is exactly what I am looking to do! The only problem I am having is finding enough high quality photos to put into frames. I don't want a bunch of wedding photos on the wall, so I am still trying to figure this one out.

We don't have anything on the agenda this weekend like we normally do and those type of weekends can be so good for the soul. Relaxing is in order! Weekends with no plans usually result in new recipes and spontaneous shopping trips.  
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our New Entryway

Our home is technically a ranch style house. All our bedrooms our on the main floor, but we do have a finished basement. I told Justin to mark my words that we would "never buy a home with a carport." Carports are ugly. Why are they not garages? Guess who ended up with a carport. Yep, that's right.. me. 

Our side entry door is a split level type deal. You turn right to go into the kitchen or straight to go into the basement. It's right off the carport so it's the only door we come into and out of. 

When we remodeled the kitchen, I knew the stairs had to be renovated as well. The old kitchen floor went down half the steps and onto the landing. I wanted the kitchen floors to match all the way into the basement. 



Side by Side:
We still have some painting to do (trim, door, etc) but it looks SO much better!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Surprise: We Got A New Kitchen

This has been a hard secret to keep. Back in August we decided that we wanted to pursue getting a new kitchen/entryway. It was totally Justin's idea and I had absolutely no argument to his proposal. We set a budget and I already had a vision. We started looking at who to hire, what things would actually cost, etc. 

Our old kitchen was the original from 1956. The cabinets had been painted white, but the paint job was done incorrectly. The cabinets didn't close all the way, the appliances were from 3 different manufactures. The fridge was 16 years old. The kitchen was DARK. Like drop something on the floor and can't see it dark. It needed to go. 

We hired Justin's step dad's brother-in-law.. that's a mouthful. We went through design plans and he let us know he would start in the late fall/early winter. He was amazing! He started the kitchen on December 13th and exactly 1 month later, the kitchen was complete!

Just to pique your interest, here is a quick before and after, but please keep scrolling!

Before Kitchen Pictures:
That vent above the stove. It makes me cringe. 

Also, things were a little funky in the kitchen. There was a drawer next to the stove/oven that wouldn't open unless the oven was open also. We kept grocery bags in it...

We started with packing everything up. 
Then Justin started ripping out the floors.
Linoleum heaven. So. Much. Linoleum. Then, our contractor came and ripped everything out.

Demo Day 1:

Demo Day 2:

He then patched the walls up, Primed them, and put the floors in. Then came cabinets.

Then all the lighting! We added a recessed light above the sink and under cabinet lighting.

Then came trim and counter tops!

and backsplash..

Then, everything started to really come together. Appliances came, baseboards were done, back splash was done, cabinet pulls were drilled. Next thing I knew, I had my new kitchen.

It was absolutely incredible to watch it come together. I actually start drooling if I stare at it long enough. So that's where I have been for a month. Hiding from everyone so I don't accidentally spill the beans on this project. Why did we keep it a secret? I have absolutely no clue. Tomorrow the side entryway reveal post will be up! Not as exciting, but a huge transformation!

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