Friday, January 6, 2017

Five on Friday

Is anyone ready for spring now? I swear once the holiday season is over I am totally over the cold and dark afternoons. I love sitting outside with an orange crush and some oysters. 

I also think that during this season, I struggle with wishing time away as it is my busiest time at work (hello, taxes) and my husband's busiest time as well. 

If you have been following along for a little while, you know I asked for a toaster oven for Christmas. This said toaster oven was on the pricier side and I didn't expect anyone to buy it for me.

It's small but still has the full capabilities of a standard oven and it doesn't have those obnoxious knobs that tick and are inaccurate 99% of the time.

We have an email thread with Justin's entire family starting on Thanksgiving that includes everyone's wish lists. We all reply to the group with what we have bought off each other's lists so people don't double buy (minus the person the gift is for).

My MIL didn't reply to the group so Justin and I were both surprised when we got this luxury toaster oven. I am seriously nuts. LOL.

Speaking of Spring, Justin and I have been rattling off places to go on vacation for our anniversary in May and last big hurrah before thinking about starting a family. So far we have come up with visiting Napa again and then heading further north to Seattle. Some other places I would really like to go are New Orleans, Las Vegas, & the Grand Canyon. 

Confession: we don't have passports. So as of now, going abroad isn't in our cards. So bad, I know! 
Stags Leap, such a beautiful place!

So I have been painting my kitchen, right? With painting comes removing everything off the walls and has my creative brain begging to do something different. I recently saw the photo below on Pinterest. 
The frames hold zoomed in writing from recipe cards of grandparents. There is something about recipe cards. They are a little piece of history and they get passed down from generation to generation. They are special. My mom has been passed down recipe cards and I thought what better way to preserve a tiny little piece of history?! Definitely going to be doing this project with my own spin!

I officially have a sneaker problem. #gimmeallthesneakers. It used to just be Nikes and now it's New Balance. Look how neutral they are! You can find these ones at Athleta.
Justin and I have some really fun plans this weekend + some other things up our sleeves that I am really excited to share this month! Yay 2017!


  1. I got the same exact toaster oven for Christmas as well and love it!!

    What about taking a trip through New England. Flying into Boston, renting a car and driving north into Maine via non highway and then zip back down via 95 into Boston for a day or so before flying out. Can you tell I've been planning this trip and we still haven't taken it even though I have the stops and roads all picked out!

  2. New reader also from Baltimore :) Stumbled upon you on the Five on Friday Linkup! Happy Fridayy


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