Friday, January 13, 2017

Five on Friday

Guys. I have a post ready to go on Monday that I have been looking forward to for a long time! I cannot wait to share it. PLEASE come back on Monday for the deats. 

My kitchen/dining room is officially painted! It reminded me just how much I despise painting. More pictures are coming. & yes, we have a gigantic fork that every single person that comes over removes from the wall to play with. We love it. 

The old color looks lighter in the picture below. It was actually almost a greenish gray. We didn't realize how green it was until we started painting with a true gray.

Old Color:
New Color:

This weekend is jam packed with fun stuff and I am so excited! The agenda includes:

- Company Party at Fogo de Chao
- Brunch with our friends, Graham and Jill
- Dinner with our friends, Kevin and Shelby
- & Possibly Sunday dinner with my parents

Shelby & I circa 2015. Our lives have become so busy and so full that we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we'd like. Fun Fact: Her husband is major BFFs with my hubby. I actually met Shelby through Justin!

I am not a TV person. At all. Put me in front of a TV and it turns into me talking, looking at my phone, or getting up to do something. I actually live quite the rigid life. I wake up the exact same time during the week to get to work, then go to the gym, then make dinner, and do laundry or dishes or clean something. 

So when I find a TV show that grabs my attention, I not only binge watch it, but I pay attention. So far I have found 2 TV shows to accomplish this:

-Orange is The New Black
- Good Behavior

Good Behavior just started recently and we just finished watching the season finale. My MIL introduced us to the show and it's aired on TNT. You can get the TNT app to stream on your phone, iPad, or watch it on Apple TV. GO WATCH IT!

We unexpectedly were spoiled with the Amazon Echo aka Alexa for Christmas (that's I guess how Christmas is supposed to work?) and have been really enjoying it. We have her linked up to our nest thermostat and can now be even more lazy and just yell at her to turn up the heat. Ya know.. instead of just using the app on our phone.

But really, she is great to use in the kitchen while your hands are dirty or wet. It's also nice to have more than one speaker in the house. We love her.

That's all for Friday! PLEASE COME BACK MONDAY! :)

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  1. That knife rack is so cool yet it totally freaks me out... normal or no? LOL... It sounds like you have a crazy packed weekend ahead!! Enjoy! I'm not a TV person either... I'd rather do anything but that most of the time!!



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