Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday

Since our kitchen has been done, I have been trying to figure out how I want to "style" the room. I want to keep decor to a minimum and so far I have just enjoyed having a place for my mixer finally!

The fresh flowers also help!

During Justin's "busy season" I end up skipping the gym a lot more and hanging with coworkers after work. My rigid schedule goes out the window sometimes after a long day at work and these nights are so much fun! The mornings aren't the most fun though ;)

This was taken last year. A lot of changes at work have happened, but I hope to have many more evenings like this one!

We did brunch on Saturday morning and Brunch is seriously my favorite meal ever created. Sausage gravy biscuits and french toast was on the menu. The sausage gravy is to die for and it's seriously the easiest recipe. 

It consists of:
  • Hot Jimmy Dean Sausage
  • Flour
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Whole Milk
All you do is brown the sausage and add in some red pepper flakes. Add flour to completely coat the sausage. Add milk and let thicken. BAM. Sausage gravy and of course pillsbury biscuits. 

I want to put together a gallery wall in our family room and this picture is exactly what I am looking to do! The only problem I am having is finding enough high quality photos to put into frames. I don't want a bunch of wedding photos on the wall, so I am still trying to figure this one out.

We don't have anything on the agenda this weekend like we normally do and those type of weekends can be so good for the soul. Relaxing is in order! Weekends with no plans usually result in new recipes and spontaneous shopping trips.  
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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  1. We love having breakfast for dinner. Might have to add biscuits and gravy to the menu soon! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the weekend!


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