Monday, January 2, 2017

January Goals

Whew. I'm back! It's been a while and all for good reasons! It was nice to escape the last couple of weeks and just spend quality time with friends and family. Recap on my time off will be up this week! Since it's officially January, that means new goals. 

Every year it seems I make "resolutions" and by mid February, I have thrown away the piece of paper or note in my phone. Last year I made a point not to delete those goals and reached almost every single goal that was made. 

I am still working on my 2017 goals, but do have my January goals all set. I am starting off January with fresh goals and a clean slate!

January Goals:

  • Eat Vegan 1 Day a Week - This year I know I want to start cutting out meat completely and adding vegan dishes in whenever I can. I expect this to be a long process with learning and trying new things. Both my parents and my brother are vegan and Justin is really excited for this change also. 
  • Finish Painting Kitchen/Dining Room Lighter Color - I didn't really realize how dark our kitchen was until I started painting it a very pale grey. I am really hoping it brightens up the space how I am expecting. I totally waited until the last two days of my time off to do this. Whoops.
  • Develop and Complete Annual Budget - Last June we set up an annual budget for the remaining months to accompany our monthly budget and it was challenging and rewarding for both of us. It takes time but it is truly wroth the effort!
  • Successfully Go Snowboarding - Without breaking a bone this time.
  • Blog 3 Times per Week - I love this little space of mine. I can look back on what we've done recently, look back on recipes, and share my goals. I would like to start sharing more of what I started this blog for, and that is home projects. 
That's a wrap on January goals! I'll be back soon with a recap. Stay tuned!

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