Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Staycation Recap

I told you this post was coming! Starting on December 22nd, I was off work + all life responsibilities until January 3rd. It was so very much needed and we spent almost every day with friends or family! I will preface this post with the warning that the photo quality is very poor. 

I realized about halfway through my time off that I had not used my phone for any pictures. 

My coworker turned best friend had a small birthday celebration at an amazing Italian place in Canton. It totally kicked off the Christmas vacation.

This happened to also be the week that one of our best friends graduated at Towson (woot woot my alma mater!). We got drinks down in Canton as well. Next thing I knew, it was Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws and Christmas Day with my family. Above is my brother and my mom! PS -- yes, Justin wore shorts on Christmas. 
We also celebrated my brother's birthday on Christmas weekend (his request). We went to a higher end pizza place in Rockville and sat there for almost exactly an hour before the waitress let us know our food had not even gone into the oven. My mom walked us out of that restaurant faster than I could even think. Next thing we knew we were at Noodles Company. His birthday celebration will have to be made up to him!
Later in the week we got dinner with my sister-in-laws. We don't see them nearly enough and I absolutely love them. We got one picture with Justin's youngest sister.

We did dinner with friends and then were heading up to Pittsburgh to see Justin's extended family. We celebrated New Year's there with lots of Champagne!

34th street lights in Hampden with our besties. 

Justin's Aunt LOVES Veuve even more than I do, and every New Year's Eve we celebrate with bottles of Veuve for everyone. Basically my dream come true!

The final days of our break were spent painting because I am a little crazy. We chose the middle color and The kitchen/dining room are so much brighter.. but I was immediately reminded how much I despise painting!
Thanks for sticking along with me and I will be back with a better post for Five on Friday!

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