Monday, January 16, 2017

Surprise: We Got A New Kitchen

This has been a hard secret to keep. Back in August we decided that we wanted to pursue getting a new kitchen/entryway. It was totally Justin's idea and I had absolutely no argument to his proposal. We set a budget and I already had a vision. We started looking at who to hire, what things would actually cost, etc. 

Our old kitchen was the original from 1956. The cabinets had been painted white, but the paint job was done incorrectly. The cabinets didn't close all the way, the appliances were from 3 different manufactures. The fridge was 16 years old. The kitchen was DARK. Like drop something on the floor and can't see it dark. It needed to go. 

We hired Justin's step dad's brother-in-law.. that's a mouthful. We went through design plans and he let us know he would start in the late fall/early winter. He was amazing! He started the kitchen on December 13th and exactly 1 month later, the kitchen was complete!

Just to pique your interest, here is a quick before and after, but please keep scrolling!

Before Kitchen Pictures:
That vent above the stove. It makes me cringe. 

Also, things were a little funky in the kitchen. There was a drawer next to the stove/oven that wouldn't open unless the oven was open also. We kept grocery bags in it...

We started with packing everything up. 
Then Justin started ripping out the floors.
Linoleum heaven. So. Much. Linoleum. Then, our contractor came and ripped everything out.

Demo Day 1:

Demo Day 2:

He then patched the walls up, Primed them, and put the floors in. Then came cabinets.

Then all the lighting! We added a recessed light above the sink and under cabinet lighting.

Then came trim and counter tops!

and backsplash..

Then, everything started to really come together. Appliances came, baseboards were done, back splash was done, cabinet pulls were drilled. Next thing I knew, I had my new kitchen.

It was absolutely incredible to watch it come together. I actually start drooling if I stare at it long enough. So that's where I have been for a month. Hiding from everyone so I don't accidentally spill the beans on this project. Why did we keep it a secret? I have absolutely no clue. Tomorrow the side entryway reveal post will be up! Not as exciting, but a huge transformation!

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