Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Goals

Time is flying and now when I am leaving work, the sun is still out. It's a beautiful thing. Although I still feel like NYC was forever ago and Christmas was ages ago, I can't believe it's February. This month is filled with birthdays and fun plans. We have something almost every weekend except this one. 

January Goals:

  • Eat Vegan 1 Day a Week - I went fully vegan for breakfast everyday and vegetarian for lunch (I have a slice of cheese on my sandwich). Dinners are the hard part. So I will half check this one off. 
  • Finish Painting Kitchen/Dining Room Lighter Color 
  • Develop and Complete Annual Budget
  • Successfully Go Snowboarding - Booo to the weather! It's been too warm.
  • Blog 3 Times per Week - Working on it ya'll!

February Goals:

  • File Taxes - Welp, already did this one last night!
  • Stress Less - I stress so hard and it's not good for me, my health, or anyone else. How will I do it? Idk. I am working on that part. Breathe! 
  • Go to the Baltimore Car Show - Justin is in the market for a new car soon and he regularly reminds me that I got to pick my car without much of his input. Going to have to work on that stress less goal..
  • Finish Side Door Project - We have so many projects on the docket but this seems like the most realistic one this month.
  • Celebrate Our Dateversary/Valentine's Day - Justin took me out on our first date on Valentine's Day, so we use that as our anniversary of dating. Our annual tradition is pizza and beer and that tradition isn't changing anytime soon! 
  • Bag Leaves in Carport - Hoping for a warm February day! That means I may wash my car too :)

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