Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday No. 6

Last Friday Justin and I restocked our wine bin as we have been running super low on wine for some time now. We belonged to three wine clubs at one point and had a big stock pile that we couldn't keep up with (horrible problem, right?!). We ended up canceling all but one wine club but have held off on shipments the past 2 quarters. The trip was much needed.

For Christmas in 2015 I received Orioles Cabernet. I held off on drinking it because I liked the label too much but when I did finally open it, I was delightfully surprised! It was so much better than I expected and now our local wine store carries it!

The gallery wall I have been planning is finally starting to come together. I decided that I want to use black and white photos and white matte/white wood frames. I am going to do three rows of three and have all nine photos picked! I know this is going to make me want to paint my family room again too...

Just a few of my favorites below :)

It has been light when I am leaving work now which is such a tease of spring! The sunsets have been so gorgeous.  Especially last nights sunset!


I saw this on Instagram a while ago and then saw that Emily Meyers of  The Freckled Fox posted it last night and I just love everything about these words. I have been trying to be positive and it has completely changed my attitude and general well being. My positive attitude and smile also have rubbed off on others. 

Being negative takes so much energy. It's a completely different mindset and now looking at the good in every situation is so freeing!

This weekend is filled with fun. We are going to the car show, getting sushi, and hopefully enjoying a gorgeous warm day on Sunday! Happy Friday :)

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  1. I love the idea of replacing negativity with gratitude. I'm trying to do the same thing by focusing on joy this month... it's a much better way to live. ;) I LOVE those black and white photos. I can't wait to see the gallery you put together... I need that skill, lol. Hope the car show was fun and that you have a great weekend! -Sara


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