Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wood Wall: My Favorite DIY Project

Ah the wood wall. It's such a focal point to our entryway that leaves everyone oohing and aahing. Even me. Sometimes I just look up at how pretty and warm it is. 

On my last blog, I touched on this wall but never really gave the full deats. It was one of those intimidating projects that once we started, we realized how easy it was. The only challenge was the slant at the bottom of the wall that we wanted to level off with one piece of wood. 

Once we got going, it went up fast. We took our time with the bottom piece to make sure the wood was secured and looked right from underneath. 

  • Standard Pine Wood (in desired size, we used 2x4s)
  • Nail Gun
  • Liquid Nails 
  • Miter Saw
  • Stain with Poly (we used Varathane walnut)
  • Measuring Tape, Pencil, and Patience
What We Did:
  1. We borrowed a compressor, miter saw, and nail gun from a friend and thoroughly measured the wall. Our wall is not plum, so each board was going to vary in size a bit.
  2. We did some math and bought just enough boards to cover the space. I think we bought 4 or 5 eight foot long boards to then cut down to size.
  3. We started at the bottom, excluding the slanted part of the wall and carefully cut each board based on the size of the wall. 
  4. We applied liquid nails and wedged the board into the space, then used 2 nails to secure the board even more (this thing is never coming down).
  5. After reaching the top of the wall, we cut a board down to size and finished the slanted area. 
  6. Next, I got on a ladder and stained the wood carefully. I only did one coat of stain and it is absolutely perfect!
I change the wreath out seasonally and this large focal point wall is now all dressed up! I am hesitant to do another wood wall somewhere else in the house because it does seem like a permanent thing. This wall isn't in a bedroom or bathroom that would be changed out with new owners and such. 

If you have thought about doing a wall like this, one piece of advice: just do it.  


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