Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life Lately

Hey friends! It's only been 30 days since my last post, but who is counting?! We have been busy busy and been doing SO much fun stuff. I end up posting to my Insta story and not saving any pictures, which is a major fail on my part.

Every weekend we have had plans. I'm definitely in need of a relaxing weekend soon! 

We spent the first nice weather weekend at the Tiki Bar where my MIL keeps her boat. Drinks and a gorgeous sunset were the highlights of that evening!

We've watched a couple movies on Sunday evenings with popcorn + candy (duh). We've seen Deepwater Horizon, Hacksaw Ridge, and The Butler. We haven't finished The Butler, but I read the entire Wikipedia which the story was based off of and it's so good.

Can you tell I love movies based on true stories?! Both Deepwater Horizon and Hacksaw Ridge did not disappoint! I definitely recommend watching them!

A couple of weekends back Justin asked that we spend quality time together on Saturday instead of time on chores and errands. We got breakfast together at one of our favorite spots and went shopping for fun stuff the rest of the afternoon.

I've been treating myself to flowers every two weeks and let me just say, it's the best $6 I spend every time. Coming home to fresh blooms on my kitchen table is just the best.

Saturday night we got fancy at went to Justin's annual work event at the new Sagamore Pendy Hotel. We were the first event to be held there and it was gorgeous! There was plenty of drinks and some table games..I ended up playing about two hours of blackjack with monopoly money for raffle tickets. 

The highlight of these past few weeks though was booking our trip to California. We will be crossing off some bucket list items on the trip and I have a countdown going until we leave! Our itinerary includes going to Pebble Beach, a night in San Fran, and three days in Napa. 

We have never planned a vacation to somewhere we have already been, and doing so is even more exciting. We know what to expect, where we want to revisit, and places we didn't get to go last time that are now priorities. 

Happy Friday Jr. friends. Feels good to pop back into the little space. 

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