Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Goals

So happy to see Spring coming our way. A new season is like a new beginning in my book and the warm weather always helps!

February was a really good month. The car show was a great time and Justin narrowed down his list to two cars. We got our carport cleaned up and enjoyed our Valentine's Day together and most of all, I stressed less.

I could still work on stressing less, and I am going to make it a goal for this month as well, but what a life changer! Justin's work has slowed down and that means more time on the weekends to do fun things :)

March Goals:
  • Stress Less - It's a constant work in progress but not letting the little things in life get to me has been a breath of fresh air. I was at Panera a couple weeks back and they ran out of broccoli cheddar soup (I hadn't ordered it) and were apologizing to all the people that had already ordered it and were waiting. One woman turned irate and started yelling. Over soup. Not going to let myself ever be that person!
  • Spring Clean - Justin has a ton of clothes that he doesn't wear anymore and needs to go through. I have the "one year rule" aka if I haven't worn it in a year, it gets donated. So I need to go through some things!
  • Make a List of Clothes We Need - We really don't buy clothes very often. It's just not that big of a priority, but we have both reached the point that we legitimately need things. Work pants, sports bras, pajamas, etc.
  • Find a Dress for the Gala - Every year Justin's work hosts a gala at the end of busy season for everyone to unwind. I am going to try Rent the Runway this time. Hoping it works out!
  • Figure Out Travel Plans - California is at the top of our list and we are just trying to finalize the timeline and make a budget before booking everything. But if we are going to go, it needs to be booked asap. 

February Goals:
  • File Taxes
  • Stress Less
  • Go to the Baltimore Car Show
  • Finish Side Door Project 
  • Celebrate Our Dateversary/Valentine's Day
  • Bag Leaves in Carport 
Happy March everyone! Time. Is. Flying. 

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